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Publicity Club of Chicago Award

Community Media Workshop was the first client I had when I quit my job back in 2003 and started LimeRed Studio. Today, we accepted TWO Silver Trumpet awards from the prestigious Publicity Club of Chicago for the Studs Terkel Community Media Awards and the New News Report. LimeRed Studio contributed to both projects.

About the 2009 Studs Terkel Community Media Awards Benefit:

Presented annually, the Studs Terkel Media Awards honor outstanding media professionals for excellence in covering and reflecting Chicagos perse communities. Terkel Awards highlight reporters who take risks in covering social issues by offering new or unusual perspectives on topics of general concern, from housing to neighborhood safety and beyond. The awards reward a body of work rather than a single article or series, and go to journalists at any stage of their career. LimeRed Studio’s role for these awards is to create beautiful and effective print and online collateral.

The awards benefit that year grossed and netted more than ever beforegross?? improved by 17 percent over 2008, while net proceeds improved by 40 percent over the previous year. The video continues to garden page views on The Workshop’s website.

LimeRed Studio also contributed to The New News Report, another award-winning project today.

the New News

Design is nothing without good content. LimeRed Studio took this fantastic report on the state and future of the news media and designed a book, homepage and PDF download. It’s full of valuable and well-organized information. Check it out here.

Many thanks to Community Media Workshop for these opportunities.

We’ve collaborated over the years to produce web materials, brochures, brand standards, the annual media guide, conference materials and so much more. And it’s been a long and fun journey. I’m proud to know the staff at The Workshop and I’ve loved being a part of their growth as an organization and am honored that they’ve taken the same interest in my own career. Thanks to the Publicity Club of Chicago for recognizing our work.

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