About LimeRed

LimeRed opened in 2004 and committed to ethical, socially progressive work, and we’re still here 20 years later doing it every day.

We’ve been a few different things over 20 years, but one thing is true: We love to fight for the little gal, the one who needs something magical to happen so she can level up. We’re always rooting for the underdog, for civil rights, for care for our Mother Earth, and for joy in our lives. We do that through making connections, seeing through the noise, solving creative problems, and creating great design.  

We’re a small team with big brains.

emily lonigro limered

Emily Lonigro
Founder, Creative Director

lina perino headshot

Lina Perino
Branding Lead

laura thompson headshot

Laura Thompson
Web Developer

Our Values

Be bold or go home.

It’s noisy out there, so why waste time sounding and looking like everyone else? Figure out who you are and be that — brand or person — without shame or judgment.

flower arrangement
flower arrangement

We are people first.

Life is a gift that we should all enjoy. Making money and being busy are hallmarks of a white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist culture, and they have held us down long enough. We enjoy what we do, but it’s not who we are.

We are valuable just by being.

We love the future.

Over the long term, things improve. We’re not afraid of AI (we use it, it’s so helpful!) and we’re not going to die on every hill; just some of them. With our friends.

flower arrangement
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