About LimeRed

People want inclusive, equitable, honest, and socially-conscious brands and organizations.

LimeRed opened in 2004 and committed to ethical, socially progressive work, and we’re still here 20 years later doing it better every day.

Our Values Define the Way We Work Together

Surrender the Ego

Ego cannot coexist with authenticity and vulnerability. We choose the latter.


A shared vision enables every person to lead with their whole self.

Inclusive Perspectives

Active listening and collaboration demand the inclusion of diverse voices.

Intentional Momentum

With self-awareness, we honor our capacity and flow onward through uncertainty.

Daring Creativity

Our vision for the future ignites our bravery, curiosity, and ability to take risks.

Our Team

Brand Lead

Partner/Strategy Director

President/Creative Director

Project Manager

Art Director

Operations Manager

Content & Design Coordinator

As an organizational researcher, I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy extended interviews with the good folks at Lime Red, especially Emily and Demetrio. A lot of social entrepreneurships struggle to be both social and entrepreneurial at once. These people are doing both, and doing them with grace and wit. You'll appreciate the role of collaborative dialogue and their commitment to human-first values. I commend them to you, especially if you’re needing design work for your mission-forward organization.
Craig Mattson
Author, Researcher, Professor

We Are A Legally Defined Triple Bottom Line Company.

That means our branding and design agency has a legally defined commitment to the planet and the people as well as to our bottom line. We believe business can be a force for good, and can help fix the social and environmental problems we face today.

We are also an LGBT and WBE Certified Company.