Winners and Finalists of our Super Awesome 2020 Branding Giveaway

We want to first thank everyone who participated in this year’s Super Awesome 2020 Branding Giveaway. 

All of our entries were indeed super awesome, so much so, we had a really hard time choosing the finalist. We decided to talk to them directly and hear more about their stories, which delayed our process–but it was worth it. 



In the end, we couldn’t decide on just one winner. This year we chose TWO! Breakthrough based on the west side of Chicago, and New Market Funds, based in Canada. 


Breakthrough envisions a safe, stable, and engaged East Garfield Park where success is the norm and families prosper. They partner with those affected by poverty to build connections, develop skills and open doors of opportunity. We selected Breakthrough because of their focus on bringing opportunity to the often neglected communities in Chicago’s west side and their desire to model and scale their impact across the city. They have a powerful story to tell–starting with their founder sharing coffee with the homeless to engage in meaningful conversation and relationships and the belief that a community together can overcome the status quo. We want to help them tell that story.

New Market Funds

New Market Funds delivers investment opportunities with lasting community benefit by focusing on affordable housing equity, community real estate development, community lending, and co-operative enterprise investment. Social innovators, community-based organizations, and co-operatives have very few options when seeking investment funding for projects that are focused more on social benefit than profit. We’ve chosen New Market Funds because they are challenging this status quo and have committed themselves to serve people, the planet, and economic sustainability. They’re seeking to change the way people see new ideas from communities, and we want to help them do that.

Our winners will receive two free branding sessions with our team in the new year. We are going to help them focus on seeing the bigger picture of their work so they can better position themselves, communicate and engage with their audiences more effectively, and further their missions.



Our finalists were also an amazing bunch. Each of them is also challenging the status quo. They included the following amazing businesses and organizations:

The Honeycomb Project

Maison Frida

Heart Consulting


Grupo Kultur 

These finalists will receive consulting time with our senior leadership as well as half-off of to any of our upcoming public workshops.



Everyone who entered this year’s giveaway is doing work that challenges the status quo towards making our world a better place. They all have amazing stories we’d like to share with you. So this year we will also be actively promoting these Super Awesome businesses and organizations through our own channels in the coming year. 


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