Under the Hood of a B Corporation: Do-good Goal Setting L.A.B.

Like I said last week, well be as transparent as possible during our L.A.B process this year.??For those of you who know me personally, you know I have almost no filter. I dont see a point in hiding almost anything, so why??start now?

The only way the Agile Method works is if everyone has the same goal and walks there together. If you hide something or have ulterior motives, question the process, or have no faith, it doesnt work. Weve had a few trainwrecks last year with it, Ill be honest, because we didnt have all of the pieces together internally and externally.

So as we embark on this journey in L.A.B. (any guesses on what this stands for?), Im going to disclose it all. We, as marketing managers, business owners, program directors, are all struggling with the same things. Lets be real.

Here are my goals for the year that my team and I will address, research, and remedy this year in our new L.A.B. program. My favorite part of this iterative process is: I set the goal, but the way we get to it is determined much later, and the path can change as we accomplish a few of the goals or do some research.

See how this is different? No need to write all??plans out now to meet these goals, well do that as we go and be able to pivot when we need to do. No wasted time or effort! Tons of learning! Why did we ever do it any other way?




Wow, youre nuts

I know what you might be thinking: Are you worried about sharing this information? What about your competition? Now they will know your plans!

And to that I say:

Good. I know most of my local competition, some of them personally, and they are great people. And no, Im not worried. We have a secret sauce that makes us special and our work truly different; its a combination of people, process, and passion and no one else has it.

Actually, Im excited. Stay tuned.

PS: If you missed it, here is the original post about what were doing in L.A.B.??

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