Tutorial: Using the Pattern Tool in Illustrator CS6

New to Adobe Illustrator CS6? We love this new feature: The Pattern Tool! You can make gorgeous patterns and save yourself a load of money on stock illustration. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do use this great new tool.

First, create a little bit of artwork that youd like to turn into a pattern


Select the artwork and choose Object > Pattern > Make


Illustrator turns this into a pattern. You can edit the objects in the pattern tile shape to see how the pattern changes. Extend the pattern beyond the pattern tile to create overlap.

Use the Pattern Options palette to change the size, and set options like which direction to overlap, and changes the tile type.



Now you can create shapes and apply the pattern to them using a fill. Youll find it in the swatches panel.

You can also edit the pattern by double clicking on its swatch. Then choose (or not) to apply your changes to the current pattern or save as a new pattern.

Done! Easy!

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