Tour the Studio

We moved to our new office space in Ravenswood last September, but since not everyone <ahem> has come to see us yet, we thought we’d give a little tour around the place we spend a pretty good amount of our time. Our art director Brett designed a lot of the space and we all spent a lot of time painting (except Emily who was too PREGNANT at the time to help”FUMES! The terrible FUMES!”direct quote, I swear).

We’ve got a lot of awesome features in the studio including 3 whiteboard walls which are usually covered in stuff, a sweet kitchen with a microwave (which I thankfully convinced everyone we needed <cough>EMILY-who-heats-up-a-burrito-just-about-every-single-day</cough>), a sitting area with a couch and chair for taking a load off, and about a billion chairs. Stop in and sit on one some time!

This is what Emily does all day. Seriously. smile
















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