Emily Lonigro


President & Creative Director

A leader in social impact-driven business and technology with experience building teams, creating and validating business strategy, directing design, operations, and communications.


In 2004, Emily founded LimeRed to prioritize high-quality design, user experience, and meaningful social impact. During the last 17 years in business, Emily has built this business into a change-making presence with national-scope clients focused on doing work that has socially responsible intentions. LimeRed is a Certified B Corporation, a triple-bottom-line company, and a certified WBE and LGBT company. She has won multiple awards in Changemaking and Corporate Governance from B Lab, ranking LimeRed in the top 10% of international B Corporations.

Her experiential spectrum includes brand strategy, business design, user experience, writing, marketing, operations, and sales for people who make a difference.

Emily is an elected Member of the School Board in Skokie District 68, running her campaign on a platform of equity, sustainability, and innovation. She is also on the board of the Chicago Foundation for Women. She is the Business Leadership Chair for We The Change, a group of international women CEOs of B Corporations, developing a program on pay equity. Emily is also the fundraising chair of her school’s PTA. She previously served on the Free Street Theater and We Will boards and taught in the Media department at Columbia College Chicago.

Emily co-founded Even Made, a company that teaches home improvement skills “for everyone else.”

Emily lives in Skokie with her partner, Betsy, and their three children. She’s a mom, activist, small business owner, gardener, designer, and activator.

Affiliations & Organizations

Business Leadership Chair

We the Change is the international organization of women CEOs of B Corps. as Business Leadesrship Chair, Emily leads the business community in championing practices that advance women’s leadership, prosperity, and well-being, especially as they align with the SDGs. We promote the adoption of business practices that support women by identifying the key issues, such as parental leave, pay inequity, and climate justice, that disproportionately affect women; providing guidance and resources to support businesses in transitioning to better practices; asking all members to implement these practices in their businesses; and encouraging all B Corps and other purpose-driven businesses to also adopt these practices.

Member of the Board of Education

Emily was elected in 2023 to the School Board in Skokie School District 68. Skokie School District 68 serves more than 1,800 pre-K-8th grade students in four schools in the northernmost portion of Skokie. Graduates of District 68 attend Niles North High School.


Emily is a Co-founder of Even Made, a small Skokie, IL business that reaches home improvement and DIY skills “for everyone else.” Her co-founders are Kelly Nichols and Racheal Weiss. Emily teaches plumbing, drywall, tiling, and flooring classes, and manages the business plan and marketing.


Speaking and Educating

I speak about business ethics, creative process, and entrepreneurship.