If I were alive in the 1970s, Im pretty sure ITC would have been my H&J.

I want to start this post by apologizing for my ignorance as as related to my age in certain areas. I spent the earlier part of my formative years in a town whose mind is about as far removed design as can be, and any exposure I’ve gained in the area has been either self-taught, or through the mentorship of co-workers. Naturally this leaves holes in ones education. A hole in mine: the typefaces of ITC.

Digital Design, Web, App, Product Development

Web type: You can do better

In the past the idea of good typography on a website just meant knowing how to adjust the line-height. You could only really rely on what fonts your visitors had installed on their computer, which meant you could choose from the basics: Arial, Georgia, Times New Roman, Lucida, Tahoma, Verdana, Courier.

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