Brand Strategy

The cool kids on Tumblr

Tumblr takes a slower, more leisurely pace than Twitters hyper-immediate microbites of information, and unlike Facebook, you dont have to watch your second cousin and that guy you sort of knew in middle school bicker about Hillary Clinton.

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Compelling youth theater requires a compelling website and brand redesign

Mudlark Theaters Artistic Director Andrew Biliter and Executive Director Michael Miro stopped by our Studio one day with a problem: they needed help positioning their organization as something special but had a limited budget. They had previously received pro bono work to conduct some brand discovery and direction but it fell short of solving their problem of how to communicate what makes them most unique.

Brand Strategy

Social Media: Youre not doing it wrong

I think this is one of the reasons businesses and nonprofits get scared about doing social media. Since social media is constantly changing, it’s easy to get floored by a new piece of information suddenly, you’re doing Twitter wrong! You’re on an outdated platform! You’re supposed to be posting twice as much as you are! Back away, don’t touch it!

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The 2013 NTEN Community Survey and how to fix your tech limitations

Have you read the 2013 NTEN Community Survey that came out this month? Nearly 1,500 individuals responded and gave NTEN a better understanding of how technology adoption is moving at nonprofits across the world. Its not the longest annual survey weve come across, but at 31 pages it does take quite a bit of time to process. Want to know what some of the most telling and important findings were, from my perspective, anyway? Read on.

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