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Whatever happened to Baby Ello?

Like a lot of people, especially people who care about social media, online privacy, and design, I was briefly fascinated by ello.co back in October, 2014. Ello swept through the online world, billed as a Facebook replacement with clean design, no ads and no content gathering.

Social Media: Youre not doing it wrong

I think this is one of the reasons businesses and nonprofits get scared about doing social media. Since social media is constantly changing, it’s easy to get floored by a new piece of information suddenly, you’re doing Twitter wrong! You’re on an outdated platform! You’re supposed to be posting twice as much as you are! Back away, don’t touch it!

Web design and development tool roundup!

Technology changes all the time and some of it is great, some is fleeting and some is utterly worthless. Here are a few of the things we use at LimeRed to get our work done.

Three apps you should keep your eyes on

This year, three finalists in the Social Technologies category presented their apps in hoping to be the next big thing. Here are three finalists in the Social Technologies category.

My new favorite thing *Nerd Alert*

So I get to try out new things all the time, but some new things have been a little bit scary, so Ive kept away. I finally gave into one of my recent curiosities though, and my only regret is not doing it sooner. Nerd post, you’ve been warned.

Tutorial: Using the Pattern Tool in Illustrator CS6

New to Adobe Illustrator CS6? We love this new feature: The Pattern Tool! You can make gorgeous patterns and save yourself a load of money on stock illustration. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do use this great new tool.

How to break up with your Content Management System (CMS)

What happens when you fall out of love with your Content Management System? How do you break up and move on? Like any break up, it will probably be painful and cost you money, but maybe youll be happier when its gone and you can move onto bigger and better things. Besides, your mom didnt like Wordpress anyway.