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Stop telling me where to click

Sometime near the beginning of links on the internet, people decided that click here was a good way to get people to click there. If I had to guess, the reason for this is probably that at the beginning of the internet people didnt know what links were, so you had to explicitly tell them to click here. The good news is that now its 20 years later, and people know what to do when they see links. Here are some reasons you should change your click here ways…

Web type: You can do better

In the past the idea of good typography on a website just meant knowing how to adjust the line-height. You could only really rely on what fonts your visitors had installed on their computer, which meant you could choose from the basics: Arial, Georgia, Times New Roman, Lucida, Tahoma, Verdana, Courier.

3 Ways to keep your web project on track

Every project we do looks great, but lets be realistic: some of them have hiccups along the way to being great. Here are the top three reason why web projects go wrong and how to keep that from happening.

Translating goals into plans: Two steps forward, one step back

Guys, we got a little ahead of ourselves already in our self examination in our consulting practice, L.A.B. When we first took a look under the hood of the business at Lime Red, it was clear that we had solid goals and metrics for the year. But what wasnt clear was how do we go about aligning them so we know where to begin, what tasks are required, who owns them and, and how to execute. More importantly, how would we apply our social impact principles as an agile business?

New Facebook cover and promo rules with the new timeline format

Two of our clients are running promos right now and wanted to promote them (of couse) on Facebook. I’m sure you’ve seen the new timeline format by now everything is moving to that format at the end of the month. We used to be able to point people to like the page, or use a promo in the profile image, but no more!

Happy New Year And Happy Future Thinking!

We have our heads down in the work a lot of the time so having at least one person on staff whos looking at the BIG vision is really important to the future of the studio, for us thats me (Emily) and Demetrio. We know a lot of you are spread thin and might not have someone to step back to get a sense of some big ideas on the horizon, so here are a few points we think will be important in the next year.

Looking to Redesign Your Website? Dive Into This

We recently had a client that asked us to help figure out why their users were not clicking through a call to action button at the bottom of a landing page and leaving, even though users spent a good amount of time on that page. We had some ideas. But first, we had to test these ideas so we asked users, why?

How to break up with your Content Management System (CMS)

What happens when you fall out of love with your Content Management System? How do you break up and move on? Like any break up, it will probably be painful and cost you money, but maybe youll be happier when its gone and you can move onto bigger and better things. Besides, your mom didnt like Wordpress anyway.

9 Signs your website is out of date

We’re talking about 9 BIG things in technology, design, content and usability here. These are the biggest issues we see in really old sites. Check your site: how does it fare?