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We survived SXSW and why we still love NTC

Yes, nothing like being back home and in our element after getting kicked in the ass for seven days and nights from city to city to participate in both SXSW and the 14NTC. Here’s a little roundup of both LimeRed Studio’s experiance at SXSW and 14NTC.

Events, Mission

The 2013 NTEN Community Survey and how to fix your tech limitations

Have you read the 2013 NTEN Community Survey that came out this month? Nearly 1,500 individuals responded and gave NTEN a better understanding of how technology adoption is moving at nonprofits across the world. Its not the longest annual survey weve come across, but at 31 pages it does take quite a bit of time to process. Want to know what some of the most telling and important findings were, from my perspective, anyway? Read on.

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