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Pro bono design: The best or worst thing ever?

Ive been on both the giving and receiving end of free work as Im sure most of us have. I started this business working with nonprofits and I was asked the Free Question more than enough times, and I have given away work many, many times. Some of the best work weve done has been pro-bono, but I definitely dont make a habit of it. I think people expect graphic designers, especially ones that do work for nonprofits, to be OK with doing free work, (Ive done it so I cant say Im totally adverse to it) but you know, designers have to eat and pay rent too. Most of us are pretty good at what we do and I dont know any other profession that is expected to do so much for free, on trade or at a discount.

5 Practical Tips: Implementing a Social Media Policy at your organization

You and your organization get it… You need to be on social media.

But how do you protect your organizations brand and voice and also get a whole bunch of people in your organization using social media? How do people know what is and isnt acceptable to post? How does the brand voice stay unified? What happens when someone gets too rowdy who isnt part of the org?

You need a social media policy.

Getting stakeholders to agree on things

We get asked this question all the time: How do you get stakeholders to agree during a project? Its a good one. A really good one. It might be the the most important question to ask when youre trying to do something new.

Is your website driving donations? A three-point test

With budgets spread thin across your organization, you may not have a lot of financial resources to dedicate to web design or online marketing. Whether you have the budget for a marketing department or you alone make up the marketing arm of your organization, there are some simple changes you can make to your website to ensure its fulfilling one of its most important goals: driving donations.

Net Neutrality and what it means for your nonprofit

Net Neutrality started to become a serious issue a few years ago with a complaint against Comcast accusing them of throttling a file sharing service called BitTorrent, meaning they were reducing the amount of bandwidth available to traffic for transferring data. Read more about this issue’s history and what it means for you and your website.

3 Steps to writing a great RFP

We get A LOT of RFPs for web design and development work. Most of them are terrible. Here are three super easy steps to making sure your RFP is great.

5 Tips for navigating internal politics

In 10 years of doing design for a huge range of clients, weve fallen on our faces more than once. Every time we do, we figure out what went wrong and never do it again. Here are five ways we make sure projects keep moving.

5 Predictions for nonprofit web work in 2014

Here are 5 big ideas we think we’ll see more and more of in the coming year. We’re hearing a lot about some of them already, so take a look and let us know what you’re planning for 2014.