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Rethink and redesign your e-mail newsletter, ideas to get you started

Here at LimeRed Studio, we love food and we love eating out and trying new things! But what interests us even more is finding inspiration for our design work with nonprofits. So while we think about and savor new foods, we also think about peoples behaviors and what motivates them to choose to engage or interact and how it is influenced by the presentation of information and visual elements.

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Donate ButtonsRoundup

We work with a lot of nonprofit and education clients, and one of the biggest questions we always face is, “What should we do with the donate button?” It’s a tricky business asking the public for money. The organization generally wants and needs people to donate, but how can we appeal to the public without seeming entirely desperate? Well, let’s see how the big guys do it, and decide if what they’re doing is effective.

Digital Strategy, Web, App, Product Development

Is your website driving donations? A three-point test

With budgets spread thin across your organization, you may not have a lot of financial resources to dedicate to web design or online marketing. Whether you have the budget for a marketing department or you alone make up the marketing arm of your organization, there are some simple changes you can make to your website to ensure its fulfilling one of its most important goals: driving donations.

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