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Which Newsletter Does the Job?

The traditional answer for many businesses and nonprofits is a newsletter. It seems like I don’t go more than a couple days without someone inviting me to join their email list, or for something to appear in my mailbox.

While it’s easy to keep doing whatever you’ve traditionally done, mixing up your newsletter game may keep things interesting for your audience, and possibly save you time and money.


3 Newsletters I read that are worth the time

I think I get around 50 or so different newsletters every day. Most of them are total garbage, but I sign up for them anyway. Once in a blue moon Ill refer to one for a newsletter design idea, so Im almost afraid to stop getting them. Out of all of those, I read three regularly and actually look forward to them. They arent the prettiest things in my inbox, but when content is really good, who cares what they look like? And thats coming from a designer.

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Avoiding spam filters when sending out email newsletters

We know first hand just how much time and effort goes into creating great email newsletters. We do it for clients and ourselves. When you put in all the effort of writing, designing and coding an email blast, the last thing you want is for your message to be delivered straight to your readers spam box. There are a few basic steps you can take to help you get to the inbox instead.

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