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Getting stakeholders to agree on things

We get asked this question all the time: How do you get stakeholders to agree during a project? Its a good one. A really good one. It might be the the most important question to ask when youre trying to do something new.

5 Tips for navigating internal politics

In 10 years of doing design for a huge range of clients, weve fallen on our faces more than once. Every time we do, we figure out what went wrong and never do it again. Here are five ways we make sure projects keep moving.

3 Steps to writing a great RFP

We get A LOT of RFPs for web design and development work. Most of them are terrible. Here are three super easy steps to making sure your RFP is great.

Looking to Redesign Your Website? Dive Into This

We recently had a client that asked us to help figure out why their users were not clicking through a call to action button at the bottom of a landing page and leaving, even though users spent a good amount of time on that page. We had some ideas. But first, we had to test these ideas so we asked users, why?

Rethink and redesign your e-mail newsletter, ideas to get you started

Here at LimeRed Studio, we love food and we love eating out and trying new things! But what interests us even more is finding inspiration for our design work with nonprofits. So while we think about and savor new foods, we also think about peoples behaviors and what motivates them to choose to engage or interact and how it is influenced by the presentation of information and visual elements.

The Loud, the Critical and the Hoarders: Types of users in online communities

We were recently tasked with developing a highly custom online forum. It would be a place where people would spontaneously create content and commentary about articles elsewhere on the site. Our would supply big topic buckets and the audience would fill them. Our client also wanted to include a low paywall for anyone wanting to comment or create.

Why we write user guides

In 1999, I bought a manual transmission car without ever driving one before. It was small, black, shiny, had a spoiler and I was sure I looked great in it. The salesperson showed me how to drive it in the dealership parking lot and somehow I made it home. The next day I drove it from Des Moines, IA to Chicago, IL.