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New Facebook cover and promo rules with the new timeline format

Two of our clients are running promos right now and wanted to promote them (of couse) on Facebook. I’m sure you’ve seen the new timeline format by now everything is moving to that format at the end of the month. We used to be able to point people to like the page, or use a promo in the profile image, but no more!

Graphic design for n00bz: With great power comes great responsibility

Its no secret that we at LimeRed are passionate about good design. Its what we do. Or, well, its what they do. I, Sam, am just the marketing communications intern. While I know blogging and twitter and branding and whatnot, all I knew about design when I started here was Helvetica Good; Comic Sans Bad.

Why we write user guides

In 1999, I bought a manual transmission car without ever driving one before. It was small, black, shiny, had a spoiler and I was sure I looked great in it. The salesperson showed me how to drive it in the dealership parking lot and somehow I made it home. The next day I drove it from Des Moines, IA to Chicago, IL.

Advice for business owners pursuing their passion from a bleeding heart veteran

I see a lot of Facebook posts, inspirational word-illustrations and other types of one-thought memes that encourage people to pursue their passion in business. This is for those of you who already have taken the jump and are starting to see the cracks and for those of thinking about starting. Its a noble pursuit and yes, it feels great when you take that first leap, but its going to take a whole lot more than passion to develop a thriving, profitable business that makes an impact. Its going to take confidence, difficult decisions, learning to deal with major failure, and a whole bunch of other stuff. What else?

7 Skills of an Effective Communicator

I was on a panel recently with other Nonprofit Communicators addressing the question, How do we prepare the next generation of nonprofit communicators in the new digital age?

Flat Web Design? Finally!

I dont do a lot of graphic design anymore, but I still spend a lot of time designing solutions to user experience issues. These problems can range from what messaging and callouts should go on each page, to how the sites navigation is organized, or even on occasion deciding what UI elements will work best. My design passion is problem solving. I never really cared much for the fluff of deciding on fonts and colors. This is why I love flat design; Its what Ive been doing all along!

My new favorite thing *Nerd Alert*

So I get to try out new things all the time, but some new things have been a little bit scary, so Ive kept away. I finally gave into one of my recent curiosities though, and my only regret is not doing it sooner. Nerd post, you’ve been warned.

Responsive Design – the Good, the Bad, and the Absolutely Spectacular

If you havent heard of Responsive Design yet, you probably will soon. Responsive Design is a way of building websites that can be viewed on multiple devices of varying screen sizes. The number of people surfing the web on mobile devices has skyrocketed over the past couple years Im not exaggerating.

Raster vs. Vector: Now with Resolutions and Colors!

While working on an upcoming series of blog posts explaining the programs in Adobe Creative Suite, we realized that one of the most important things our readers need to know about working with graphics is the difference between pixel (or raster), and vector (or line art) graphics and how to know when to use each. They also need to know about image resolution, and the different color models for print and web use.