Building compassion and connection through digital communication has never been more essential. Needs have changed, and now is the time to show up for each other in the best ways possible.

We’ve developed these social impact resources, books, virtual courses to help you create social impact and show people you care.

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RediSets Foundations & Creative Direction

Part process, part creative, part purpose

Created by branders for branders, RediSets are inclusive, collaborative exercises to help build purpose-driven brands. These unique and intentionally designed processes are developed by LimeRed, a branding agency with nearly two decades of purpose-driven branding experience for clients across the world. LimeRed is a Certified B Corp agency, so we know what’s up when it comes to purpose.

brand strategy workshops

“I have just completed two workshops with Emily, Demetrio, and LimeRed and could hardly wait to write this recommendation. I have been through many a branding session but nothing like this. It was fun, engaging, easy and best of all brilliant. The outputs in a stunningly short time frame were accurate and head-turning. I can hardly wait to apply the work. I HIGHLY recommend Emily and her company. Her energy and expertise are refreshing and appreciated. I hope everyone gets an opportunity to work with her and her company. Thank you, Emily and LimeRed!”

—Lisa Arie
Co-Founder, Vista Caballo

Virtual Brand Strategy Workshops

We’re all trying to re-imagine our work: what it means and why we do it. Even if we’ve thought through it before, now is a different circumstance with a whole new set of social, environmental, financial, and emotional pressures. 


To help you navigate this, we offer seven virtually facilitated workshops to help you think through positioning, messaging, digital strategy, and other big ideas.


These collaborative sessions are all interactive through our virtual whiteboard platform and facilitated by Demetrio or Emily, depending on which session you choose. You’ll have access to your whiteboard for 10 days after your session to document your insights and use as a reference. You get all of the insight and don’t have to go anywhere. It’s a win-win!


1. Brand Foundations

Align on what you stand for, why people care, how you operate, and your brand personality.


2. Naming Part One: Foundations

Step one for naming a product or organization.


3. Naming Part Two: Ideation

Step two for generating ideas for naming with a creative and intentional approach


4. Digital Strategy Alignment

Align your IT, marketing, and operations to grow with intention.


5. Audience Strategy

Understand how your audiences relate, where to start, and how to find the right people to propel your business.


6. Creative Direction

Unify your visual presence with design direction and standards to break through the visual noise and be more consistent.


7. Targeted Messaging

Create audience-specific messaging that inspires and engages.

4 pillars of purpose driven brands

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branding for changemakers

Get Our Book: Branding for Changemakers

The LimeRed team has developed a quick guide to steer social innovators through their branding journey. We map out the brand components which are most important and provide tips for designing a brand while keeping purpose and mission top of mind. We’ll also show innovators how to leverage branding to solve common business problems.


As a business owner or entrepreneur, you’ve no doubt had the importance of developing a strong brand beaten into your brain. You might think: I love my logo — am I done? Answer: No. As someone operating in the social impact space, the stakes are even higher than someone looking to make a quick dollar. Branding is an essential factor to communicating your purpose and powering your mission. The time you dedicate to crafting your brand should be intentional.