Web Immersives are intensive full-day builds over 4 nonconsecutive days designed to eliminate risk and create gorgeous SEO-driven websites. 

These quick website build processes is ideal for corporations with a social impact program, small businesses who need to connect with customers, nonprofits without massive web budgets.

What’s the trade off? It’s time. You spend 4 immersive days with our team and together, we design, write, build, test, and launch a beautiful website. The first two days must be in person at our studio, and the other two can be remote, but it’s always best if they are also in person. These 4 days are nonconsecutive over 5-6 weeks, so we all have a chance to catch our breath and do a little homework.

All of these sites were built in 4 days or less. Really.

Web Immersive Details

All of the work to build your website happens primarily in four nonconsecutive production days. We work collaboratively all day, and train team members on the site, SEO, and decision making as we go. 

  1. WORKSHOP: Before Day one, we run a half day workshop to help hone your messaging and brand. 
  2. INTAKE: We collect all existing brand standards, assets, logins, and other parts that inform the website.
  3. DAY 1: The first day is all about planning. We run a workshop with your team to bring everyone’s vision into alignment. By the end of the day we’ve outlined the major site components and have completed the information architecture.
  4. DAYS 2 & 3: In the middle two days, we design and write the whole site. It sounds like a lot, but with a team of at least 4 people working nonstop on the same website, it gets done.
  5. DAY 4: On the last day, we finish up loose ends, double check the responsiveness, and make sure your team is comfortable updating the content in the future. If we don’t launch at the end of the day, we do it the week after.

NOTE: There are qualifications for e-commerce sites, so contact us if you have one of those.

Web Immersive Highlights
  • Pre-build: half-day team workshop
  • Build: Four nonconsecutive production days
  • At least two client team members with our team all day
  • Lunch provided
  • 10 Stock photography images included
  • 1 Stock video included
  • Site admin training
  • SEO training
  • 1-Day build: $6,000 
  • 4-Day Build: $20,000
  • Additional components: $5,000-TBD

Build Additions

You can add these additional flat fee services like these to this process: 

Newsletter strategy and design

3 templates for emails in a software like MailChimp or similar. Plan for segmentation or list optimization.

Print collateral

Business cards, notecards, and simple folded brochure.


Channel audit, recommendations for social media strategy.