So what is it really like to work with LimeRed Studio?

A little over a year ago, we met DesignerShare for the first time to help them create a prototype of their peer-to-peer designer clothing and accessories sharing platform. The prototype was deemed a success by many of the testers that we jumped right into building an MVP (minimum viable product). The MVP consisted of further user research, scenario planning, business modeling, streamlining the user experience and of course, actually building the platform. Now, our fruitful year long partnership has turned into something even greater. LimeReds leaders now sit on DesignerShares advisory board to help grow and develop their business beyond its boundaries. At LimeRed, we value our relationships and love seeing our clients succeed. We especially love cultivating new ideas and elevating old ones to make an even bigger impact.

Were notorious for our quirks and fun and collaborative environment, so I sat down with Sarah Perkins, CEO and founder of DesignerShare to discuss what its really like to work with us!


What is your favorite part of working with LimeRed?

My favorite part would have to be the team. Emily and Demetrio have created an inclusive and proactive culture at LimeRed that meshes very well with our values at DesignerShare. The LimeRed team is always energetic, positive, and finds creative solutions for any problem that may come up. As a start-up we need to have flexibility since our needs can change at a drop of a hat.


How would you describe our process to another business owner looking to work with us?

LimeReds process is extremely collaborative and genuinely unique to your business. I thought I had found my design/development shop back in the day when we had the idea for DesignerShare, but once I met Emily and heard about the prototyping process, it was exactly what we had been looking for the entire time. We wanted a Chicago company because Bill and I wanted to be hands-on and involved with each step of the process. It seemed like everyone else we approached would say Well come talk to you when things are done…, but the fact that we were welcomed into the LimeRed office and actually be a part of the team, definitely stuck out and really helped us shape our business as it is today.


Is there a single part of the process that was important to your growth or that you thought was especially valuable?

I love the interactive exercises the team has put together to get ideas on the table. They are not only a creative and fun way to approach problems, but they get me thinking in a different way. I think anyone else on the DesignerShare team could say the same. The brand culture and identity workshop we did had timed exercises throughout, which made us dive deep into what we really wanted and what is best for the company.


What is a good piece of advice you have received from an advisor at LimeRed?

There are countless! Emily is truly a friend, advisor, mentor, and investor, in all sense of the words. A piece of advice that has been helpful in growth, is having an agile mindset and really taking the time to think of every step individually. Its important to not let the perfect get in the way of the possible. Understanding, we can build later on and it’s important to think of the customer and what she needs right now, instead of trying to make the perfect site all at once.

Interested in working with us? There are many ways you can get started on bettering your business! ??Join us March 2018 for Design to Scale! This interactive seminar is for Chicago entrepreneurs to learn new methods to re-invigorate, re-imagine, and re-focus their business growth. If groups arent your thing, book some one-on-one time with Emily and Demetrio. Learn more about LimeRed Studio and LAB offerings here.

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