Pathlights Naming & Branding

Naming and Branding Loss, Hope, and a Journey to Healing

PathLight’s founder researched loss and how people moved through it to a re-envisioned life, and they were ready to bring these practices to the public to help others. We were thrilled to embark on this journey with their team on this transformative product. First, we helped them with their product name,  and then we developed their logo and identity system. After those two projects, we were ready to design the first product: a series of modalities to help people work through loss.


We lead the team through collaborative naming sessions: Naming Foundations and Naming Ideation. Naming is a critical component of a new business or product; the name needed to occupy a space with room to grow. The Naming Ideation workshop is a series of creative explorations designed to generate many directions for a name. The name: Pathlights. 

Identity Design

After our initial design research, we created mood boards to demonstrate how the brand identity system could work and resonate with their target demographic.

Collateral Design

PathLights’ first product is a series of modalities to help people through loss, categorized into six types. We discussed options for production and presentation with the team, deciding that a flipbook would be the most efficient, market-friendly way to produce. 

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