Moxie AI Naming, Branding, Website UX/UI

Innovating with AI in Academic and Scholarly Writing

Moxie (whose name we help generate) came to us needing a fast solution: Their market was moving at lightning speed and their advisor told them to rename, rebrand, and redesign their website as fast as possible to secure a funding round. They came to us primarily based on our work and values alignment. And we got to work — fast.


Moxie’s previous name was a mouthful and sounded traditional and academic. We needed to give it personality and energy, so we designed two naming sessions to get the team thinking in new ways. We designed five different games, some to focus our thinking and some to expand, generating many ideas that would fit their naming criteria. Moxie was the winner, which means “force of character, determination, or nerve,” and you need it in the AI space.

Identity and Website UX/UI

In a short amount of time, we developed mood boards, defined personalities, selected color palettes, and brainstormed logo ideas to come up with the work below. Our task was to include the mascot, an owl, so we sketched her in various styles and outfits for future use on branded apparel, the upcoming app, and other materials. As we solidified the brand’s identity, we started putting together a UI kit to help the WordPress developer (not us this time) kick-start the development process. We used Figma to plan and design the site, skipping the wireframing stage since we are awesome at our jobs. Additionally, we created custom graphics and icons for this brand and delivered them on time. We are excited for Moxie’s future!


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