Designing an Inclusive Brand Family

Chicago Cultural Alliance

How might we design a family of sub brands under one organizational identity?

We’ve previously worked with the Chicago Cultural Alliance to develop their Inherit Chicago Festival brand as well as creating a new identity design for their organization. But with several annual programs across the city, they needed to ensure that each of their unique programs took on their own character but adhered to the guidelines of their brand.

Design Research & Strategy

We worked with the organization to better understand each of their programs and solved a way to communicate and manage the unique value of each their programs within their overall brand.

Identity Design

After conducting our initial design research, we provided their team a series of concepts to continue the dialogue on each of these identities, and pushed the iteration of the design forward. You can see the concepts in the gallery below. There are common themes among them — color, shape, typography, and placement — yet each program conveys its own mission.

Our designs focused on:

  • MOSAIC: the annual gala and fundraiser
  • Activating Heritage: the annual conference
  • Cultural Ally: an outreach and engagement campaign

Their main brand identity is at the very end and you can read that case study here.