IN2 Naming & Branding

Naming and Branding Innovation in STEM Education

It took a lot of planning, research, and creative thinking to name IMSA’s innovation and inquiry center. This process required everyone involved to push past their limits and think differently. 

Research & Naming 

We worked with board members, alumni, business and community members, faculty, staff, and students. With such a diverse stakeholder base, agreeing on a vision for a name representing what each value most was a formidable task. Our solution required immersive creative engagement and deep research. We designed a series of creative workshops involving their stakeholders and conducted them at multiple locations to remain inclusive.

IMSA chose IN2, a conceptual name that represents innovation and inquiry. The name is short, memorable, and easy to say. It leaves questions unanswered and pushes one to ask what is possible without explaining too much.

Identity Design

The three lines composing the graphic “2” represent students’ journeys at IMSA-innovative practices, inquisitive learning, and problem-solving processes.

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