Center for Humans and Nature Website

Digital Strategy and Design to Deepen Our Connection with Nature

After completing the Center for Humans & Nature’s (CHN) rebranding work, we considered how our new audiences would use their website. We began this project by deeply exploring the site’s analytics, accessibility, technical requirements, and information architecture. The old site was organized like the organization, which users didn’t understand how to navigate. They were missing the range of programs, books, and other things CHN had to offer.

We conducted qualitative and quantitative research with CHN’s different audience groups and build upon the research we did in the branding work. Our major shifts were in the new information architecture, creating a large interactive repository, and prioritizing images. To get started, we created a UI Kit with designed components that met at least WCAG AA requirements for accessibility.

Our working team reorganized the site for more straightforward navigation and intuitive exploration. More of the Center’s programs are on the home page, with more room for announcements and special projects, like the Kinship book series.

  • The new site features:
  • New information architecture
  • Publications archive
  • Reorganized Questions For a Resilient Future section
  • User-driven content repository

More Work

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