Carle Illinois College of Medicine Branding & Collateral

Branding and promoting a new college that has the potential to change healthcare with an innovative curriculum.

The Carle Illinois College of Medicine was a new college at the University of Illinois. They were starting from square one and needed to brand the college, communicate its value, attract qualified and engaged students, get them to apply, and then welcome them in an inspirational way. This was no small task. Besides that, internal and external stakeholders needed to get on board to ensure this college succeeded. From the beginning, Carle Illinois engaged with us to plan and execute branding, student and internal print materials, their website, and a student recruitment campaign.

We worked closely with the leadership team and other stakeholders to create a new brand strategy, visual identity, collateral, student recruitment materials, and website.

Brand Research & Strategy

First, we conducted deep brand research to determine how to communicate this new college to potential students and other audiences. How would we tell a story about a new college that started with a groundbreaking idea? 

Branding isn’t just about pretty images; it’s about communicating a message. We had an incredibly talented team to work with at Carle Illinois who could convey a clear vision, and together, we created a set of brand standards to ensure that their vision stayed intact.

Collateral Design

We designed three books for internal and partner audiences to communicate the College’s vision in a narrative format. These books were interactive and engaging – one had components that created motion as you explored the book. The other books told the story of the college’s vision, mission, and methods.

Student Recruitment Campaign & Materials

We needed to attract and inspire the inaugural class that will change the future of medicine and technology as we know it. 

We worked in a phased approach, launching marketing materials, informational brochures, and an augmented reality acceptance video package with a customized message. And with these materials, the Carle Illinois College of Medicine had an unprecedented acceptance rate!

The outcomes are remarkable when working with a brilliant team on your messaging, branding, web, and marketing.

Website Design, Development, & Video

We designed and built the Carle Illinois College of Medicine’s website to inspire and educate, but also be flexible to change over time as the college and needs changed. We realized we might not be with the college as they grow and bring on staff, so we simplified site management.

More Work

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