Brush Park Branding 

Connecting and Inspiring Families Through Fitness

Brush Park Gymnasium is the startup of Adrianne and Abby Farrell, who realized that there was a market need for a new experience. Brush Park is a safe and friendly place for families and neighbors to come together to learn how to be healthy and active with expert guidance. Opening in 2020, we helped Brush Park identify their market needs to define their experience and physical location, brand the gym, and design and message for their new website while they build the business and launch.

Market Research & Brand Strategy

Brush Park wanted to create a place where families could have fun, work out, and become healthier. This gym needed to be where families felt comfortable and got a high-quality workout with expert trainers. To help refine and validate this idea, we conducted market research to identify needs and validate assumptions. This research helped inform whether their business needed to exist, where, and how to design and message it. We also created a survey for location characteristics guided by the customer journey. This research helped Adrianne find the perfect space in the ideal location.

Logo & Collateral Design

We developed an identity system to communicate this new brand. We began with a series of collaborative mapping activities, helping Brush Park deepen their understanding of the audiences they serve, their relationships with other organizations, and their brand experience. Through this hands-on and inclusive work, we were able to position the organization in a way that was meaningful and relevant not only to them but to their stakeholders.

We landed with a vintage-inspired typographic logo and supporting colors, uses, and symbols.

Video Production & Social Media

Brush Park commissioned stellar photography from Lori Sapio for marketing. We filmed during the photo sessions and created an intro video and B roll for their homepage background video.

In addition, we helped Adrianne produce her own Instagram video story content to speak directly to her new audience. Rather than hire us to do her video, we showed her how a small equipment investment, a little strategy, and a few technical pointers could make it easy and fun to do herself!

More Work

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