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Communicate the Complexity of Broadband Policy and its Impact on Society

LimeRed began working with the Benton Institute for Broadband & Society — a trusted name and brand influencing broadband and communication policy in the United States — the day after the 2016 Presidential Election. After the passing of its founder Charles Benton in 2015, his daughter Adrianne Furniss took the reins and sought an agency that would help guide the Institute’s vision into its next phase. And after the outcome of the 2016 election, the message they thought they would be sending out into the world needed to change — and fast.


We worked with Benton’s leaders, staff, and stakeholders to reshape its brand and digital strategy. We conducted quantitative and qualitative research to help reconcile the internal brand perception with the external perception. Using that data, we collaborate with the team on a story-based approach to refine the messaging for specific audiences and rework the digital campaign design systems.


Benton’s website was a monster of a Drupal database dating back to the mid-nineties. Our job was to figure out how to manage that old data and create a system to manage new data in a simpler way for the small team to manage. We archived most out-of-date articles, still leaving them for public consumption, and built a new system for the newer and future articles and data. We created a new visual system and merged that with the updated messaging to create a user-focused website with more flexibility for the team. Benton’s new Drupal website creates more flexibility, reporting, and places to promote and highlight campaigns.

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