Acquisition Strategy and Communication Design for Great Lakes Protectors

Alliance for the Great Lakes

How do we communicate our identity to take on new challenges and engage with broader Audiences?

The Alliance for the Great Lakes was seeking to refine and communicate its mission to reach wider and different audiences. Specifically, they wanted to grow their list of supporters from their base to a younger, more diverse and engaged demographic. 

Together, we helped the Alliance understand where to find them, engage them, and speak with authenticity in a way that aligns with their long-term strategy. So instead of firing off one-off campaigns, we worked towards a larger strategy to attract and retain new voices for years to come.

Brand Strategy

For this project, we focused much of our work on aligning their current visual elements into a consistent identity and communication strategy to align their messages with audiences. We created a message map, design templates, and creative direction to host a number of assets they produce throughout the year–keeping them all aligned and staying true to who they were. We finalized all these into an updated and comprehensive set of brand guidelines and conducted internal workshops with both staff and board members on practical application and use of these new strategies.

Acquisition Strategy

Strategies for engaging with new audiences started with both research and analysis of current and future stakeholders. We surveyed over 1,200 people and conducted a series of qualitative interviews to capture both attitudinal and behavioral data and insights to inform ideas and strategies moving forward. Results of surveys and interviews provided us frameworks to map out new experiences and innovative offerings the Alliance for the Great Lakes can introduce in the future. After a number of ideation sessions and concepts, we provided them with a comprehensive but feasible approach for a strategy and included a 12 month implementation plan.

Audience Mapping
Journey Mapping
What's next

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