New iOS7 design: Major fail or win?

New iOS7 design: Major fail or win?

As you probably already know, earlier this week Apple gave us our first look at the much anticipated iOS 7, once again changing UX design forever.

Okay, so the redesign wasnt everything designers and Apple fans had hoped for. Actually, it wasnt most of what anyone hoped for.

How to make things better

First and foremost, the redesign should have eliminated the dead home screen wall of icons that exists between you and your content. It should have incorporated an awesome solution that kicks ass like the way Android and Windows Phones handle the home screen content integration with widgets and live tiles. Unfortunately, the redesign of iOS7 didnt address this at all, so users will still be forced to scroll through (and ignore) dozens of entries in the notification center and tap through into apps to get to their content.

The design community responds

Usability issues aside, the design led by Jony Ive has not been received positively by many members of the design community.

Jony Ive explains it all

Image from??Jony Ive Redesigns Things (Tumblr)

As always, the internet is striking back. A new tumblr has popped up to celebrate what the world would be like if everything were re-designed by Jony Ive. Hilarious! And the Dribbble community was immediately on top of showing us what they the design should have looked like. There are some really great ideas in here:

(from dribbble user Jamie Heuze)

(from dribbble user??Gustav ??gren)

(from dribbble user Ilya Dmitruk)

The reception aside, Apples old UX design really did need to move forward. Do you think they did it right?

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