3 Ways to Instill Greater Purpose in Your Business

Your business has a mission. But does it have a purpose? Your company’s mission defines the goal of operations—this is what makes your business successful. Purpose is the reason for which your company exists and for our clients, it means having a positive social impact.

Purpose motivates people in a way that pursuing profits never will. It is the one thing that will help you deliver not only success but meaning to your work. It’s unique. It stems from your personal experience, values, and beliefs. It is what you fight and live for. Brands with a purpose seek to make a difference. They use their power to leave a positive impact on the world. As a result, they attract ambitious teams and stakeholders who are eager to execute their vision.

At LimeRed, our purpose is to activate those who want to make things better. We have a team of experts, risk-takers, and status quo challengers who design-conscious business strategies that deliver value to brands, communities, and society.

Below, LimeRed partner and lead design strategist, Demetrio Cardona-Maguidad, shares three tips for how to instill purpose into your business:

Connect Passion with Purpose

Purpose is the passion that you have for your mission. It is what drives you to work with full engagement and the most effective motivator to reach new heights. Your purpose is what separates you from every other business in the market. Find your passion by balancing what you love the most with what you are good at. You will feel more confident in your mission as you aim to deliver meaning to your work.

Aspire for Positive Impact

Be a good listener. Take time to understand what the world needs and the problems you can help solve in your own unique way. Believe in the fact that your unique gifts and talents can make a difference. Identify your strengths and use your power to drive social impact. Create aspiration in your business and a meaningful community to follow it.

Purpose is the difference between operating a business and sharing a dream. Your employees can always tell whether you are passionate about a project by how you approach it. Passion gives people confidence. A lack of passion can discourage your employees from going the extra mile for your mission. You want an engaged and motivated team of employees who feel connected to the mission. They should feel eager to invest their time in the company’s future. You will see improved results when you work for something bigger generating profit.

Connect with Mentors/Influencers

Surround yourself with diverse mentors who can help diversify your perspective. Your mentor’s influence can strengthen your weaknesses. They help you thrive by pushing you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to seek new experiences. Recycle their wisdom. Their advice can save you time and help you determine if your mission is attainable.

Your company’s purpose is a code of ethics that adds value to your mission. If your mission lacks purpose, then it will also lack passion. Purpose is not something you achieve. It is a foundation that creates a shared value as you work in the social impact space. It makes employees feel valued. Because they are fulfilling a position that no one else is qualified for. Acquire a team experienced advisers who can inform you along your journey. Create a culture around your purpose because, ultimately, it is your purpose that will frame much of how you will think and act.

If you are a social entrepreneur and are looking for a coach to help you break into the social impact space, book a consultation with Demetrio here.??Or connect with him on Linkedin.

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