Episode 06: Purpose-Driven Womxn & Boundaries in Business with Meghan French Dunbar

Meghan French Dunbar’s purpose is to help business leaders build a life they love. After co-founding and leading Conscious Company Media, the US’s premier source of information on conscious business—as well as founding the World-Changing Women’s Summit, the largest conference in the country for purpose-driven womxn—Meghan has become an expert on what it takes to align our work and our lives with authentic purpose. 

We spoke to Meghan about setting boundaries and breaking down barriers of capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy as purpose-driven womxn in business.

MEGHAN: All I wanted in the world is a women’s group that is just chock-full of super bad-ass purpose-driven women. Yes, we’re interested in talking about money and figuring out how to do capital raises and all the things that come along with business, but we’re also, and more importantly, interested in talking about how do you infuse purpose? What do values look like? How do you grow and scale your company with purpose and values? Like, what do mission-aligned angel investors looked like? So I just got this download from the universe. I stayed up until three o’clock in the morning. I outlined the whole damn thing. And within five months we had our first World-Changing Women’s Summit.

I was in grad school looking at shareholder-centric capitalism and profit at all costs, profit maximization—the way that we have societally accepted that we do business. Businesses exist to make money and be damned all the negative externalities that come along with whatever people might do to get there. I just was like, “I can’t, I don’t believe this. So how do we change it?”

I decided when I was 29, that the best way to do that was to start a magazine called Conscious Company Magazine. So I co-founded that and essentially we told the stories of businesses that said, f the status quo. That actually did good for the world that made money, but also had a sense of purpose and did good by their employees, did good by their communities.

You know, if you go to the business section of a magazine rack, it’s all filled with like Forbes and Fortune, and it’s almost all predominantly either white men or celebrities being glorified and deified because they made the most amount of money. And so we thought maybe if we started putting people on the cover of magazines that were doing good as sort of glorifying them and upholding them as something that society should look to emulate that well might start following suit.

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About Meghan:

Meghan is the Co-founder and former CEO of Conscious Company Media. The company’s flagship product — Conscious Company Magazine — was the first nationally distributed print publication in the U.S. to focus exclusively on sustainable and conscious business practices. Meghan is also the Founder of World-Changing Women, a national event series for purpose-driven business leaders, as well as being the creator and host of the World-changing Women’s podcast, which tells the stories of female business leaders and founders making a positive impact on the world. Currently, she is the Founder of Womxn Led, which brings together purpose-driven female founders online, and she teaches about conscious business on her website meghanfrenchdunbar.com. She lives in Boulder, CO with her husband, their son Jack, and fur child, Chloe.



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