Silicon Valley has a UX Problem

Warning: This contains major spoilers if you arent caught up with HBOs Silicon Valley. Ive waited two weeks: I hope you are all caught up

We survived SXSW and why we still love NTC

Yes, nothing like being back home and in our element after getting kicked in the ass for seven days and nights from city to city to participate in both SXSW and the 14NTC. Here’s a little roundup of both LimeRed Studio’s experiance at SXSW and 14NTC.

Three apps you should keep your eyes on

This year, three finalists in the Social Technologies category presented their apps in hoping to be the next big thing. Here are three finalists in the Social Technologies category.

Trendspotting: The one where I talk about Skeuomorphism & Flat Design

Skeuomorphism intends to solve a problem common to designers and developers: How do you design software experiences that users can learn quickly and use easily? The skeuoporphism answer is to make the software seem inherently easy to use by making graphic elements look like things users are already familiar with.

For example: If youre making an online notebook, you might design it to look like a stack of papers bound together by a spiral ring. Youre assuming that users will understand that the pages are part of a system and it is possible flip them.
Some designers really hate this approach and some love it. It made a lot of sense to make an online calendar look like a desk calendar when it was a new technology, but not so much anymore.

Which Newsletter Does the Job?

The traditional answer for many businesses and nonprofits is a newsletter. It seems like I don’t go more than a couple days without someone inviting me to join their email list, or for something to appear in my mailbox.

While it’s easy to keep doing whatever you’ve traditionally done, mixing up your newsletter game may keep things interesting for your audience, and possibly save you time and money.

Is it a trend, or is it a movement?

I’m a designerand I’m always exploring the world around me. I collect beautiful and interesting things and try to use them later. Most of the time the pretty things become the popular things – like the chevron craze thats happening right now. But sometimes, really ugly things become popular, so I try to find the good in them and learn how to use them in the best way. This combination of exploring and open-mindedness is great for learning, but it also makes it pretty easy to get caught up in trends.

Flat Web Design? Finally!

I dont do a lot of graphic design anymore, but I still spend a lot of time designing solutions to user experience issues. These problems can range from what messaging and callouts should go on each page, to how the sites navigation is organized, or even on occasion deciding what UI elements will work best. My design passion is problem solving. I never really cared much for the fluff of deciding on fonts and colors. This is why I love flat design; Its what Ive been doing all along!