How to Start a Revolution

We hope you are all doing well, maybe taking the day off, maybe burying yourself in work — whatever you’re doing to immerse in or ignore this intensely important day — we see you and we’re here with you.

No matter what happens today, the work continues.

LimeRed was born in the days of George W during the anti-war movement. We continued through two recessions, through periods of progress and prosperity, through times when our state had no budget and defunded our whole market, through political unrest and economic uncertainty, through major personal wins and losses.

This time is different because the stakes are so high for all of us, and we continue to evolve and dig into the work that matters.

We’re not going to sell out. We’re not going to stop. We’re not going to lie down and give up.

We’re going to continue to make change with our actions, our words, our partners, and our work. We’re going to continue to fight for our just, equitable, and sustainable future.

We are going to be here right alongside you because this is the work that matters. Because YOU matter.

Feel all the feelings, channel them into using your actions and voice for progress. Light up your little world with love and good work. We will help you. Together, our lights will burn this madness right to the ground.

If you need a soundtrack to get you through this day, a bunch of my favorite people made this: 

And if you need a good cry from something beautiful:

Thank you to my beautiful, thoughtful girlfriend for sending this video to me this morning. 



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