Our services

Web Services

We’ve created a perspective on digital strategy and development that is inclusive, accessible, and human-centered. Our approach is a blend of IT, Operations, and Marketing to help create digital products with a purpose.

All of our budgets are flat fees.

Website Design & Development

We are a diverse team, and we’ve been building in an inclusive, collaborative way for years. We prioritize Accessibility Standards and creating a site that is easy for your team to manage. We know websites and digital products can be risky and expensive, so we’ve designed processes that let us bill in flat fees to eliminate risk on all sides.

Website Design & Development Services Include: 

  • Technology Intake & Assessment
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research
  • Web Analytics Review & Recommendations 
  • SEO Assessment & Recommendations
  • Creative Direction Aligned with Accessibility Standards
  • Technical/Sprint Build Planning
  • UX/Wireframe Development
  • Content Strategy & SEO Plan
  • Data Visualization
  • CRM & Other Database Integrations
  • Writing for the Web
  • Iterative Web Development & Documentation
  • Pre-launch Planning 
  • User Guides & Training

$80,000–$1,500,000 BASED ON COMPLEXITY

UX Research & Design

When you want to build the thing that needs to exist or fix the thing that does, you need an expert team driven by a passion for inclusive, data-driven, collaborative design to help you and your users make it.


  • Technical Intakes & Audits
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research: Surveys, Interviews, User Testing
  • User Profiles and Paths
  • Collaborative Wireframing
  • High Fidelity Design
  • Prototyping

$25,000–$1,000,000, BASED ON COMPLEXITY

Digital Assessments & Strategy

Today, the options for creating online seem almost endless. It’s tough to know where to start and how to build something that will not only do what you want it to do now and grow with you over time. Perhaps you have a legacy database or digital asset that no one has kept up or knows how to use anymore. Can any of that be saved? Should it be?

These can be not only hard questions to answer but expensive ones too. Before you start making, let us help you decide on the what and the how. 


  • UX Research, Development, & UI Design
  • Technology Consulting & Advisory Services
  • Qualitative & Quantitative Research
  • Web Content & SEO Strategy
  • Web Analytics Assessments
  • User testing & Interviews
  • Accessibility Auditing & Recommendations
  • Prototyping
  • Build Process Recommendations
  • Staffing & Management Planning

$80,000–$1,500,000, BASED ON COMPLEXITY

Website Immersives

Several years ago, we asked ourselves: What if building small websites could be faster, easier, and more collaborative? Could the process be fun, and we could train as we go? What if they could be SEO, brand, and accessibility-centered, and we could all learn from each other as we build? 

We developed a Website Immersive, a new process that builds on team strengths and empowers decision-making to create a website quickly and collaboratively. We developed this process to demystify web development and eliminate risks for everyone.

After initial collaborative sessions and creating a comprehensive Build Plan, we all work together for at least four full non-consecutive working days over two months. We have work between build days, but we make all the big decisions together.

$25,000–$55,000, BASED ON COMPLEXITY

I am thrilled to highly recommend LimeRed Studio, Inc. I have worked with them now on several websites over many years. They are engaging and creative — as well as very personable and fun. They have helped us with printed, consumer-facing products as well as bilingual websites. All of the staff were 100% present during brainstorming sessions and we saw results immediately. I am impressed with the depth of their creative, graphic and technical skills and knowledge. Put simply, the team at LimeRed is amazing!
Stephani Becker
Associate Director of Healthcare Justice at the Shriver Center on Poverty Law