Defy Convention Podcast and Cohorts

Conversations with fellow risk-takers, rule-breakers, challengers, and dreamers, to lift each other up and build a path to a better world together.

Podcast Episodes:

Defy Convention with Peter Vega

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Defy Convention with Karen Hawkins

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Defy Convention with Karla Estela

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Defy Convention with Denise Barreto

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Defy Convention with Lisa Arie

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Chart your Course to Defying Convention

Defy Convention Cohort with Vista Caballo

How do you defy convention in your own life and work? Do you want to feel connected to others who are also exploring new ways of creating change? We are collaborating with fellow B Corp Vista Caballo to create an experience that will change your trajectory. Our friends and fans are welcome to sign up for The Center Experience, a four week development experience to unlock new ideas and personal growth.

The Center Experience allows you to develop the power of interconnectedness between your heart, mind and willpower, and use this ability to access untapped levels of awareness about where you are, what you can control, and how you can make lasting change. 


  • For world changers working to scale their work
  • For system breakers and thought-provokers
  • For re-thinkers and builders

How it works

  • 4-week commitment
  • Daily reflections, 10 minutes total
  • Weekly facilitated session with Lisa and Emily
  • Dedicated cohort