User Research and Experience

User Research and Experience

5 Keys to Writing Great Web Copy

Weve seen it all: the good, the bad and the achingly terrible. Writing anything, especially your own copy is one of the hardest things to do for most people. Its the thing that blows our timelines all the time and the thing that seems to scoot down the to-do list again and again. Weve changed how we work a little to get ahead of this, but we see the same issues pop up all the time.

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Stop telling me where to click

Sometime near the beginning of links on the internet, people decided that click here was a good way to get people to click there. If I had to guess, the reason for this is probably that at the beginning of the internet people didnt know what links were, so you had to explicitly tell them to click here. The good news is that now its 20 years later, and people know what to do when they see links. Here are some reasons you should change your click here ways…

Digital Design, User Research and Experience

Donate ButtonsRoundup

We work with a lot of nonprofit and education clients, and one of the biggest questions we always face is, “What should we do with the donate button?” It’s a tricky business asking the public for money. The organization generally wants and needs people to donate, but how can we appeal to the public without seeming entirely desperate? Well, let’s see how the big guys do it, and decide if what they’re doing is effective.

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