If I were alive in the 1970s, Im pretty sure ITC would have been my H&J.

I want to start this post by apologizing for my ignorance as as related to my age in certain areas. I spent the earlier part of my formative years in a town whose mind is about as far removed design as can be, and any exposure I’ve gained in the area has been either self-taught, or through the mentorship of co-workers. Naturally this leaves holes in ones education. A hole in mine: the typefaces of ITC.

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How to make working with images less horrible Part 1: File types and resolution

We build websites that are easy to manage and update. Those updates almost always include adding, editing and moving around images. We have nifty ways of creating websites where it doesnt matter what size image you upload, it will always be right. However, we know that working with images can be a pain in the you-know-what, especially with all the different file types and resolutions, and even more difficult when you dont have fancy photo editing software. Well, fear not, were here to help!

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