Being a B Corporation means having a legally-defined goal to pay attention not only to your bottom line, but to your impact and improvement on people and the planet.

About B Corporations

The world is seeking new, better, socially conscious business practices.

A certified B Corporation meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, legally expands its corporate responsibilities to include consideration of stakeholder interests, and builds collective voice through the power of the unifying B Corporation brand. As of June 2014, there are more than 1,000 Certified B Corporations from over 60 industries and 34 countries, representing a diverse multi-billion dollar marketplace.



Being a B Corporation helps us focus our own programming to align with our mission. So we teach workshops, develop programs, write books, price our services, and volunteer our time to serve people and orgs who are mission-aligned.



We give our time, and we donate to the organizations we care about. Everyone at LimeRed is encouraged to volunteer and has unlimited vacation time to do so. We participate in programs like MakeWork at SAIC, we teach free events, serve on boards, and we participate in our communities.


Vendors & Partners

We vet our suppliers on the following criteria: Mission – We prefer to work with companies whose mission aligns with ours Competency – We’re committed to high-quality work. Diversity – We actively gather a wide array of perspectives on gender, age, race and other criteria. Location – We prefer to work locally and have an impact where we live.



We meet regularly to review: Ways to improve our impact New programs to pursue to strengthen our mission Vendors and client mission alignment Ways to improve our workplace and culture