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brand consulting
Be the Change

We know you have a lot of ideas.

It’s tough to know where to start or which ideas to pursue when you’re a big ideas person. Sometimes you might feel like your team isn’t 100% in with you. Maybe you’ve begun a project a bunch of times and it keeps falling through the cracks. Maybe you’re just overloaded. Maybe you just want someone to tell you: do this, not this, and this every day.

We get it. We designed these brand consulting services just for you.

We also wrote a book about it if you’re interested.

Individual Advisory with Demetrio

A master facilitator, coach, and strategist, Demetrio currently coaches all over Chicago in design, process, strategy, positioning, and communications.


Individual Advisory with Emily

A leader in social impact-driven business and technology with experience building teams, growing a vision, creating and validating businessstrategy, directing design, and communications.


Need Something else?

We regularly design custom business and brand consulting arrangements to help roll out new brands, bring a newly combined team together, teach a specialized curriculum, unite a new leadership team with a new staff, bring a new product or idea to market, or act as an outside creative strategist.