Author: Demetrio Maguigad

The cool kids on Tumblr

Tumblr takes a slower, more leisurely pace than Twitters hyper-immediate microbites of information, and unlike Facebook, you dont have to watch your second cousin and that guy you sort of knew in middle school bicker about Hillary Clinton.

What makes a good story

Our brains love stories, and luckily, the Internet is full of them. Hardly a day goes by that one of my friends doesn’t post something heartwarming and awe-inspiring from Upworthy or some other positive news site.

Three apps you should keep your eyes on

This year, three finalists in the Social Technologies category presented their apps in hoping to be the next big thing. Here are three finalists in the Social Technologies category.

5 Nonprofit web design challenges, solved

How do you get data in the user’s hands in a format that actually helps them? This question and more are answered through our web design work in 2013. What challenges are you trying to solve?

Rethinking Your Story-based Strategy This Holiday

All the things within our own culture weve learned to accept as true weave together to formulate narratives and beliefs that guide and frame a lot of our values, attitudes and actions. They become stories we choose to believe. They become narratives that shape the fabric of the meaning of our lives.

Year 1 A.N. (After Nonprofit)

Reflecting on my first year at LimeRed there are many things Ive learned that I think would be helpful for nonprofits to know or consider. In most cases you and your nonprofit are probably practicing these things already, and if you are you deserve a high-five!

5 Practical Tips: Implementing a Social Media Policy at your organization

You and your organization get it… You need to be on social media.

But how do you protect your organizations brand and voice and also get a whole bunch of people in your organization using social media? How do people know what is and isnt acceptable to post? How does the brand voice stay unified? What happens when someone gets too rowdy who isnt part of the org?

You need a social media policy.