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We host live question and answer sessions monthly on a Google Hangout for anyone with a burning question about positioning, marketing, design, or something else we do. I mean we do know a bit about a few other things, but let’s keep it brand-related, ok?

This is absolutely free. 

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Ask Us Anything Live Q&A

In an effort to serve as many changemakers as possible, we’re opening up an in person hour-long office hours-type session just for you to ASK US ANYTHING. That’s right: bring your marketing, messaging, naming, design, strategy, audience, whatever burning question you have and Demetrio and Emily will answer as many questions as possible in this hour-long session.


Here’s how it works: 

  1. Book the time here https://calendly.com/emilylimered/ask-us-anything and submit your question ahead of time.
  2. Or don’t submit it ahead of time and just type it in the chat when we’re on the hangout.
  3. Accept the meeting invite that you’ll get after booking
  4. Watch for your confirmation a day before and join the Hangout at the beginning!

Demetrio and Emily will answer as many questions as they can in the hour. We’ll spend around 5 minutes on each question or expand as time permits, depending on the number of participants. 

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