5 New Business Rules to Help You Smash the Patriarchy

Rather than win-lose, let’s shift the focus to be for the greater good.

Gender equity in the workplace needs to go further than paid family leave or flexible schedules. Our capitalist system was built on the principle of constant growth, which can come at a steep cost for people and the planet—all for the sake of profit. Those who created this structure win, and mostly everyone else loses. Business today still follows their rules.

Well, I’ve always been a rule breaker. It’s time to break apart the underlying system and make something new that works for everyone.

I can tell you from my own experience: Patriarchal structures and systems are baked into everything we are told to do as business owners. I’ve had a lot of coaching and have taken a ridiculous number of business seminars, and the advice seemed to come from an Old White Man-centered system, which I’ve always been determined to take down. I think about how to break down this inequity in everything I do, from how our team works to how we structure our contracts.

CLICK HERE to read the full article for B the Change, written by LimeRed founder, Emily Lonigro.

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