3 Steps to writing a great RFP

We get A LOT of RFPs for web design and development work. Most of them are terrible. Here are three super easy steps to making sure your RFP is great.

1. Dont write an RFP

Instead, figure out what your budget is. Dont be coy – you know what you want to spend and what you would consider a ridiculous amount of money.

I always ask about budget. I can tell clients exactly what we can build for how much. Just be upfront with what you know. We are.

2. Find two or three design firms whose work you admire and interview them

Seriously. Who wants to wade through 50 RFP responses? I wouldnt. Id rather ask my friends and colleagues who they used, find out if they loved them or not. Or, Id look at websites that I think are great and find out who built them.

Then, interview the firms and ask them to present their work. Ask them about process, capacity, billing terms, staff whatever you want. Take good notes.

Meet in person. Its always better. And Id go visit the firm always a good idea to see where they work. Its like being on a safari vs. visiting a zoo; animals in the wild are always cooler.

Then pick a firm.

3. Treat yourself

Take yourself out to a fancy lunch or buy a new pair of shoes to congratulate yourself on being so smart and saving yourself loads of time.



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