3 Newsletters I read that are worth the time

I think I get around 50 or so different newsletters every day. Most of them are total garbage, but I sign up for them anyway. Once in a blue moon Ill refer to one for a newsletter design idea, so Im almost afraid to stop getting them.

Out of all of those, I read three regularly and actually look forward to them. They arent the prettiest things in my inbox, but when content is really good, who cares what they look like? And thats coming from a designer.

1. Boagworld – Web & Digital Advice

This is my all-time favorite. Its written exactly for me almost all the time, which is what all good newsletters should do. Trust me, were working on changing ours to serve YOU better.

This newsletter (and blog) is all about design business, process, new tools, new and old ideas, working with clients, working with technology, everything that I want to know about. Paul Boag is a big deal in the web world and his posts are excellent.

Recent excellent posts:

Its not personal, its policy (being part of an in-house team)

So you want to write a digital strategy?

Getting an agreement for your homepage

CMO.com – Digital Marketing Insight for CMOs


As much as Ive been complaining about Adobes recent stunt to make us all pay more for their software, This newsletter is pretty good. Great interviews, great case studies, news and insight. Its mostly for for-profits, but Id argue that marketing is marketing regardless of if youre a 501(c)3 or an S-corp.

Recent headlines:

Whats the next big thing in digital?

4 Ways to build you global community

5 Other benefits of inbound marketing besides traffic & sales

iMedia Connection – Interactive News, Features, Podcasts


This one has a lot of agency news and other Who Cares-type of info, but there are a few gems.

Recent headlines:

How social media is used at different life stages

The future of responsive design

How to please cynical consumers


That’s it! I mean, who has all the time in the world to read the hundreds of newsletters cramming our inboxes? If you have others that you love, please share them.

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