We build brave brands.

It takes honesty, courage, vision, and unity to make great brands and digital products. There’s more at stake when you’re making change and moving into new territory.

Here’s how we’ve helped others do it.


When a brand and a social mission unite, the results are incredible.

We’re at a critical decision point in our existence: You can choose to uphold the institutions and businesses who are serving the 1% or you can do something to challenge that and improve conditions for everyone. LimeRed exists to help you decide how to serve more than a bottom line.

We’ve been doing this work and helping others do the same for nearly two decades. This is the differentiator people are looking for, and doing it well is the way to create a sustainable future for our planet.

We help people changing the world create meaningful, powerful brands and digital products.



Walking the Talk Since 2004.

We’re proud to be recognized by these organizations for walking the talk of social impact.


certified b corporation
WBE certification
Certified LGBT
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